Bonita and the Baby Greens

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Mom cat Bonita and her newborn kittens were abandoned in a box in front of the Dog & Kitty City shelter. The shelter staff rescued them and placed them in foster care. This website was made by their foster parents in the hope of finding them good homes; website visitors could watch the kittens and their mom live on webcam.

They were all adopted in December 2013 just in time for Christmas. Baby Carrot and Baby Lettuce were adopted together, and so were Baby Arugula and Baby Squash. Baby Kale went to his adoptive home by himself. Their mom Bonnie was adopted by the foster parents. After a month, Arugula and Squash were returned, and the foster family kept them too. They are having a good life in their home, together with their mom. You can read some heartwarming updates on all of them at the following links.

Jan 6, 2014 Baby Carrot and Baby Lettuce at Home

Mar 2, 2014 More on Nomsa and Tombi

Mar 2, 2014 Bonnie, Baby Arugula, and Baby Squash

Apr 18, 2014 Beautiful Nomsa and Ntombi

Jul 21, 2014 Sully aka Baby Kale

Jun 10, 2015 Bonnie, Ru, and Squash One Year Later


This family's story was happy, but there are still many more abandoned cats and dogs whose stories aren't. Consider adopting a cat or a dog from the Dog & Kitty City shelter, volunteering your time, or donating to their cause. They are good people doing their best to help.

Your contribution can change these animals' lives -- and your own.

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Female Domestic Long Hair
Solid black

Beautiful Bonita is chill about motherhood -- but once is enough! After she gets the little ones started in life she'd rather find a quiet and comfy place and some humans to baby her for a change.

Baby Carrot

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Female Tabby / Domestic Medium Hair
Red tabby

Carrot is the smallest and most ferocious of the kindle. She holds her own against all her larger brothers at once. She's a scout by nature; she hasn't met a dirty towel pile she hasn't climbed.

Baby Lettuce

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Female Tabby / Domestic Short Hair
Dilute calico with olive stripes

Lettuce can be found across the room from where she was seen a second ago. She grew teeth first, and keeps everyone aware of that. She raises hell when her paw is gently stepped on by mistake because she's always underfoot.

Baby Squash

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Male Tabby / Domestic Short Hair
Black and olive stripes with white

Squash spends a lot of time under the sole of your foot (while you're on tiptoes), trying to live up to his name. He's the most accomplished climber, but he's loudly against belly rubs.

Baby Kale

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Male Tabby / Domestic Medium Hair
White and olive

Kale was the first to bite into kitten food and human legs (to the human's dismay). He's found at the epicenter of trouble, looking up at you with innocent little eyes. He's also the first who caught the toy mouse.

Baby Arugula

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Male Tabby / Domestic Long Hair
White and olive

Largest of the kindle, Arugula is a fluffy energy ball who likes to chew on kitten ears (not his own, but he would if he could), on food dispensers, on fingers, on towels, and on pretty much everything else.